Direct Observation of Plants

On july 29th 2017 a group of volunteers under the guidance of Susan Jalaluddin and Helen Yoxall engaged in a direct observation of plants on the silt flat below the Fairy Dell Bushcare site. We divided into two groups and each group observed an area within a circle of 5 metres radius . Group one was at a latitude of -33.70212 , longitude of 150.56523 and elevation of 340 metres. Group two Latitude of -33.70196 , longitude of 150.56517 and elevation of 340 metres. The vegetation community is In stream silt plug in open forest with geology sediment silt plug , shale, sand and gravel alluvial soil. The results are tabled below.

Group 2
[table id=4/]

Group 1
[table id=5/]

Ron and John enjoying a mid morning cuppa on a Sunday morning at Fairy Dell

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