Direct Observation of Plants

On july 29th 2017 a group of volunteers under the guidance of Susan Jalaluddin and Helen Yoxall engaged in a direct observation of plants on the silt flat below the Fairy Dell Bushcare site. We divided into two groups and each group observed an area within a circle of 5 metres radius . Group one was at a latitude of -33.70212 , longitude of 150.56523 and elevation of 340 metres. Group two Latitude of -33.70196 , longitude of 150.56517 and elevation of 340 metres. The vegetation community is In stream silt plug in open forest with geology sediment silt plug , shale, sand and gravel alluvial soil. The results are tabled below.

Group 2

fairy dell direct observation of plants july 29 2017

Botanical NameCommon Name Identification Tag Number of Plants HabitHeightNotes
Pteridium esculentumBrackenFernsMore than 10
ground cover 0.5 - 1.5 mNative
Callicoma serratifoliaBlack WattleDicotLess than 5 Tree4 mFruiting
Solanum aviculareKangaroo AppleDicotMore than 10Tree2 mNative
Tradescantia fluminensisTrad, wandering jewDicotMore than 10 Ground cover30 cmWeed
Cardamine hirsutaFlick weedDicotMore than 10 Herb5 - 7 cmWeed
Oplismenus aemulusBasket grassMonocotGround cover 5 cmNative
Hydrocotyle sp.DicotMore than 10Herb10 cmNative
Solanum nigrumBlackberry nightshadeDicotLess than 5 Herb15 cmFlowering
Microlaena stipoidesWeeping grassMonocotMore than 10Herb10 cm Native
Elaeocarpus reticulatus?Blueberry Ash?DicotLess than 5 Tree3 m Native
Solanum mauritianumWild tobaccoDicot5 - 10 Tree10 cm Seedling Weed
Ligustrum lucidumBroad leafed Privet DicotMore than 10 Tree5 cm Seedling Weed
Calochlaena dubiaCommon ground fernFernsMore than 10 Shrub50 cm Native
Commelina cyanea?Scurvy weed DicotMore than 10 Ground cover10 cm Native
Aneilema acuminatum?Pointed AneilemaDicotGround cover 10 cm Native
Lingustrum sinenseSmall leaf privetDicotLess than 5 Tree5 cmSeedling Weed
Carex appressaTall sedgeDicot5 - 10 50 cm Native

Group 1

Botanical NameCommon NameIdentification Tag Number of PlantsHabitHeightNotes
Solanum aviculareKangaroo AppleDicot5 - 10Shrub up to 1 mNative
Carex appressa
Tall sedgeMonocot5 - 10Herb1 m Native
Pteridium esculentumCommon brackenFern5 - 10 Herbup to 1 m Native
Oplismenus aemulusBasket grass Monocotmore than 10 Ground cover 10 cm Native
Solanum psuedocapsicumMadiera winter / Jerusalem cherryDicotLess than 5 Herb40 cm Weed
Tristaniopsis laurina Water gumDicotLess than 5 Tree4 m Native
Cyathea cooperiStraw tree fernFernLess than 5 Tree5 m Weed ?
Tradescantia fluminensisTrad, wandering jewDicotLess than 10 Ground cover5 cm Weed
Ehrharta erectaDicotMore than 10 Ground cover 15 cm weed
Plectranthus parviflorusCockspur flower DicotHerbNative
Solanum nigrumBlackberry nightshadeDicotLess than 5 ShrubFruiting / Weed
Microlaeana stipodesWeeping grassMonocotNative
Callicoma serratifoliaBlack wattleDicot5 - 10 Tree5 m Native

Ron and John enjoying a mid morning cuppa on a Sunday morning at Fairy Dell

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